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We charge a flat fee. That's it!

 Investment advice offered through Brian L. Wettlaufer, Inc.

The purpose of all investment is the greatest possible return for the lowest amount of risk. We simply help you build a portfolio that makes sense over time. Keeping costs down is a cornerstone to that.


No asset management fees. The greater your plan assets the more money you save and the smaller the percentage of cost that can be attributed to your investments or your investment advisor.



You do not want to discover the limitations imposed on you by the issuing carrier at the time you need it most.  Our annuity cost analysis  will detail for you, in a customized report...


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Professional Profile

Brian Wettlaufer offers a unique style and value added proposition for the individual or small business seeking financial and investment advice. He competes. Throughout his career, Mr. Wettlaufer has been responsible for advising many different types of small businesses on a wide variety of financial development issues, including business start-ups, buy/sells, expansions, campaigns of all kind, “turnaround” situations and much more. For 23 years, he had served as a registered representative, Series 4 Options Principal and Series 24 licensed, General Securities Principal for Securities America, one of the nation’s leading independent broker-dealers at that time.

Throughout the 1980s and into the early 90s, his accomplishments included being among the first to establish a profitable company in Eastern Europe as the Berlin Wall fell. He provided marketing advice to multi-national companies including Anhembi, the largest salt producer in Brazil, DHL, Esso Latin America, and International Corporate Services, Inc. (ICS) of Miami, FL. Brian successfully helped raise sufficient working capital for a new company specializing in the composite repair of aircraft by traveling to Hong Kong, when venture capital dried up in the United States due to the S&L Crisis.

Throughout his career, Brian has lectured extensively on various financial topics nationwide. These unique experiences and achievements bring an added dimension of value to his investment advisory practice today. His focus and single-mindedness of purpose is for communicating more value than expected, when providing investment advice to small business owners, their employees and their families.

After learning how to read before Kindergarten, and following a serious eye injury when just ten years old, Brian as an adolescent, would grab the financial tables in the newspaper ahead of the sports pages or comics. His passion for the markets and investments was ignited, when after learning how to trade stocks from his grandfather he lost half the value of his brokerage account in the 1973-1974 bear market. His focus then turned to the emerging science of technical analysis. He began his studies here, by hand charting different futures contracts with five different colored felt tip pens, prior to the advent of the personal computer. Over the years, Brian has realized that an individual cannot obtain better information than anyone else, but can strive to have better powers of interpretation than others.

As of July 2019, Brian has affiliated with NEXT Financial Group of Houston, Texas. NEXT is a uniquely independent broker dealer focused on shared vision and values. Brian welcomes your questions toll free at (727) 614-8034 or via email:



Brian L Wettlaufer Investment Management Inc./NEXT Financial Group

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