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Qualified Plan Services

For the qualified plan sponsor or individual investor, we offer a flat fee consultation service or hourly rate that stays the same forever no matter how much money your account is worth or no matter how much greater the assets in your plan platform grow. 

We hope you will think about that.

As your account grows over time, the amount you pay for our service doesn’t increase.  Initially our work together will concentrate on a complimentary and confidential cost analysis to learn immediately how much money you can save on plan costs right up front, including the expenses associated with the investments in your plan or account. 

To get started

  • You simply fax back or email us a recent account statement (dated within 90 days), with your contact information. Fax: (727) 614-8755 Email:

  • We will review your account and holdings and provide you with our complimentary analysis at no cost to you. 

If from our initial findings you would like to have us get started on our work together, you can review our simple consulting agreement ahead of time, which you can cancel at anytime, for no penalty whatsoever. 

The risk is all on us, as it should be.  Instead of all on you for a change.

To upload your statement for our review, email us a pdf at and click here to leave your contact information or to ask for additional details

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